ALPA Health & Nutrition Policy

ALPA seeks to present a balanced range of products to its customers, giving increased emphasis to the nutritional worth of our product selection.

•    Increase availability of Nutritious Foods
•    Increase affordability of Nutritious Foods
•    Increase understanding of Health, Good Food and Nutrition

Nutrition Strategies

    • Objective One: Increase availability of Nutritious Foods
      •    Fruit and Vegetables
      •    The Store will stock appealing and plentiful supplies of fresh fruit and vegetables
      •    The Store will maintain a suitable range of fresh fruit and vegetables based on ALPA’s Core Fruit and Vegetable Range, throughout the delivery cycle.
      •    The Store will sell fresh pre-packed vegetables to be used for stews or soups.
      •    The Store will stock adequate supplies for frozen, tinned and dried fruit and vegetables at all times.
      •    Individual fruits/fruit packs will be available at point of sale where possible.
      •    Other Healthy Food Items
      •    The store will stock other healthy food items including:
      •    Wholemeal or multigrain bread
      •    Low fat dry biscuits (fat contributing less than 10% total energy) such as Arnott’s Vita Wheat.
      •    Wholegrain cereals such as Weetbix, Oats and All Bran
      •    Monounsaturated or polyunsaturated oils and spreads such as Canola Oil or Olive Oil
      •    Low fat dairy choices including reduced fat or low fat milk, yoghurt and cheese
      •    Lean cuts of fresh or frozen meats
      •    Foods with no added sugar or moderate amounts of added sugar, and carry artificial sweeteners such as Equal.
      •    Foods for young babies when they start solid foods such as fortified rice cereal (i.e. Farex) and jars or tinned puree vegetables, fruits and meats.
      •    Infant feeding cups, small bowls and spoons
      •    Suitable range of diet drinks, low sugar/diet cordial, bottled water and 100% fruit Juice.
      •    Takeaway Healthy Options
      •    The Takeaway sections in our stores will emphasise nutritional bias to the best of our ability without restricting choice.
      •    Our takeaway will sell fresh salad, meat and salad sandwiches or rolls, meat and vegetable stews with rice, pasta or noodles.
      •    Smaller price point healthy items will be sold in the takeaway including boiled eggs, corn cobs, sweet potato and taro or cassava.
      •    Snack tins of baked beans, vegetables or fruit in natural juice and a variety of pre-cut or whole fruits and vegetable such as apples, oranges, celery and carrots will be available in the cold food display
      •    Diet or low joule soft drinks, bottled water and 100% fruit juice will be available in drink fridges.
      •    50% of takeaway food options to be ‘healthy’ options.


  • Objective Two: Increase affordability of nutritious foods.
    •    ALPA continues to subsidise 100% of the freight on fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen, tinned and dried vegetables as well as fresh milk, to lower the price and increase the consumption of these healthy food items.
    •    ALPA will continue to maintain minimum marks-ups for healthy items such as fruit and vegetables.
    •    Fruit and Vegetable pre-packs will be packaged at store level, with pre-packs purchased from suppliers limited to reduce cost.
    •    Where possible, the store will order fruit and vegetables in season or locally available to lower the price.
    •    Preferential pricing will exist to provide diet drinks at a cheaper price than their full strength alternatives.



  • Objective Three: Increase understanding of Health, Good Food and Nutrition
    •    The store will support initiatives that promote nutrition awareness and good health to the community. This could include food or cooking demonstrations or healthy food labels (i.e. shelf talkers).
    •    The Store will cater for the dietary needs of people with special needs including:
    •    Pregnant women and babies
    •    Elderly
    •    People suffering from or at risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity.
    •    The Store, where possible will support sporting and cultural events through funding activities or providing healthy foods at these events.
    •    The Store will undertake regular nutrition promotion activities such as fruit and vegetable promotions.
    •    There will be ongoing co-operation and collaboration with health specialists and community health workers on nutrition and health programs.
    •    ‘In-store’ training for store staff will be provided in the areas of nutrition, food preparation and takeaway service.
    •    The Store will order ‘healthier’ choice foods upon request when there is a demand for the product in the community.
    •    The Store will limit the display of junk food at children’s eye level throughout the store and display healthier alternatives.


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