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The Arnhemland Progress Aboriginal Corporation, established in 1972, is an Aboriginal-owned benevolent organisation which provides benefits to its members from the successful operation of community retail stores.

We have five member stores in Arnhemland, and manage twelve other businesses on contract across the remote Top End.

For more than thirty years Yol?u and Balanda have been working together at ALPA. We are one of the largest financially independent Indigenous employers in Australia, and one of the larger retailers in the Northern Territory.

Our stores seek to offer customers a choice of quality fresh foods and an extensive range of merchandise in a modern, comfortable shopping environment. Maintaining this quality service is a costly and demanding task. It is undertaken without subsidy and with limited infrastructure in the most isolated regions of Australia.


We’re not just community stores …

We are a benevolent organisation, our successful commercial activities allow us to make a positive contribution to the social and economic development of our members, while leading the way by providing quality retail services.

We provide funds for activities such as traditional ceremonies, educational needs and sporting events. These funds are managed by the Store Committees.

ALPA's Benevolent Programs help our member communities in areas such as educational resources and programs, small business mentoring and medical escort assistance.

ALPA has an established and successful Nutrition Strategy as part of our on-going commitment to Health and Nutrition. We work with local clinics, health professionals and nutritionists to improve the health and wellbeing of our members.

ALPA is a Registered Training Organisation, offering nationally accredited certificate-level qualifications in Retail Operations.

ALPA's retail consultancy service, Australian Retail Consultants, provides retail expertise to support  businesses in remote communities throughout Australia

ALPA’s technology consultancy service, Australian Retail Technology provides quality and essential service to the Retail outlets with in the Northern Territory by providing a range of products, services, installation and training which can be customized specifically for your needs.

ALPA is financially independent; that is we are not reliant on external funding or subsidies. This allows the Corporation to determine its own direction and goals.

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(Updated August 2015)