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Australian Retail Consultants

Company Profile

By choosing to engage Australian Retail Consultants our clients receive cost effective access to more than 4 decades of stable and continuous remote retail expertise.

While there are many "consultants" claiming expert status in the market, our point of difference is a track record of success over many years of practical experience in remote community retailing.

Australian Retail Consultants offers a flexible service model with experienced professional personnel in retail, finance, governance support and consulting services.

Retail Services

Australian Retail Consultants is available to clients who wish to retain control and ownership of their store, whilst enjoying the economic benefits that are generated by a well-run community enterprise. Many stores have taken advantage of this service for short and medium term assistance, with some opting for longer term partnerships.

Australian Retail Consultants provides relief management, on-the-job training and a health and nutrition focus for community stores.

When Australian Retail Consultants assists a store, we liaise with the client representatives to ensure their input is valued, and requirements and expectations are met.

Finance and Accounting

We offer comprehensive accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services. In addition to short-term support, we can also provide support for longer periods or one off services, including monitoring, stocktaking, mini audits, and performance reviews, budgeting and financial reporting to store owners. We custom financial reporting to literacy and numeracy competencies in a helpful and respectful way.

Product Range and Supply

Stores we work with are generally the only retail outlet operating within the community or region so we understand the need for the product range to be diverse to meet all needs. This includes fresh fruit and vegetables, dry groceries, meat, dairy products, as well as clothing, manchester, electrical goods and hardware. The majority of products not carried day to day by a store can be sourced through our extensive network of suppliers. We can provide information and advice on supply and assist in establishing trading terms.

Some stores may also operate take away outlets that need to offer a range of products with a nutritional balance, including freshly made sandwiches, fresh fruit, hot meals and a variety of other prepared foods.

To guarantee a reliable supply of competitively priced quality products, Australian Retail Consultants have an extensive network of wholesalers, distributors and transport companies, both local and interstate, with a choice of suppliers available to meet the collective and specific needs of our clients. This has been a crucial element in the success of our organisation, with the majority of client enterprises servicing regions that are remote and at times inaccessible.

Quality control of both the merchandise and transport services, including air, sea and road, is paramount to ensure reliable and timely delivery of fresh produce, meat, milk and other essential commodities. Australian Retail Consultants have the experience and knowledge to assist with these critical store needs.

Shop Fitting

Take advantage of our relationship with equipment providers, and knowledge of shop layouts and let us fit your shop out with new shelving and fixtures to help you grow your sales and present your goods. You'd be surprised at how cost effective new shelving can be and the speed in which we can install it.

Australian Retail Consultants can help you with:

  • Comprehensive Business health checks  by conducting a store assessment that encompasses many of the following items and aligns with FaHCSIA requirements;
  • The implementation of store based, health and nutrition strategies to combat preventable disease and improve community collective quality of life.
  • Establishing managerial, operational and administrative procedures, where they do not already exist
  • Identify and address deficiencies to improve existing systems and procedures
  • Establishing a monitoring process and reporting system back to owners, often correcting financial problems that existed prior to our involvement
  • Infrastructure review to identify and address maintenance and capital infrastructure needs
  • Business development, strategic planning and feasibility studies
  • Store design, construction and fit out
  • Layout, merchandising, range reviews and implementation.
  • Monitoring or mentoring programs to assist and support store managers in the efficient operation of the business.
  • Staff recruitment, human resources and industrial relations support
  • Occupational Health and Safety advice, disaster recovery and business continuation planning.
  • Relief management
  • Short or long term store management

Australian Retail Training

We specialise in on-the-job retail training delivery to the employees of remote retail stores including those employed in takeaway outlets. All of our training materials are customized specifically for these client groups where low levels of literacy and numeracy is a common barrier to meaningful engagement. Our plain speak approach also encourages the participation of managers and supervisors in on-the-job training processes.

All of our trainers and assessors require both appropriate workplace training qualifications and hands-on remote Indigenous community store management experience as well. We are also available to provide cross cultural mentoring and induction strategies to support those new to this challenging environment.

Through Australian Retail Training you can:

  • Access accredited retail training programs that include nationally accredited retail qualifications at Certificate II, III and IV levels.
  • Access Government funded training programs focused in the areas of workforce development, literacy and numeracy (WELL Programs), training of new workforce participants and transition to work programs for indigenous youth and the long term unemployed.
  • Access cross cultural training programs designed to assist people develop cross cultural skills specifically centred on working with an indigenous workforce.
  • Access governance training programs for the up-skilling of indigenous directors of indigenous corporations and boards of management.
  • Access Food safety, WHS and nutritional training for employees of remote stores.
  • Access proven workforce development strategies that will support the long term training and development a predominately indigenous workforce.

Our training staff are highly experienced trainers in the remote retail industry and we can provide language, literacy and numeracy specialists to provide specialized support for low literacy learners.