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Benevolent Programs


The Education Fund assists students that wish to further their education away from the community, as opportunities may not exist at home. The fund is primarily to assist with the costs of secondary and tertiary education, excluding travel.


Medical Escort

Often Aboriginal people are required to travel interstate for specialist medical assessment and/or treatment.

This fund provides for travel and accommodation assistance for a family member to act as an escort or interpreter offering moral support for patients that are nervous about travel, and frightened about what lays ahead.

Funeral Fund

This program provides funds to purchase funeral needs and/or  food to help feed visitors that attend funeral ceremonies.


Credit Advisory Program

This program is to provide guidance and advice to members who wish to make a major credit purchase such as a motor vehicle. This is in the form of a 60 point mechanical and safety check, carried out by an independent, qualified mechanic. If a member wishes to enter into a loan contract, ALPA appoints a competent interpreter to explain the loan contract to the member in their own language, ensuring they understand their obligations under the terms of the loan.


Small Business Mentoring

This program provides funds for the Arnhem Human Enterprise Development program which is a pilot program run by Why Warriors P/L to mentor provide support and mentoring to Yolŋu wanting to start small business enterprises. The program is currently only operating in Galiwin’ku. ALPA also provides Business mentoring to other member communities in the form of assistance to develop business plans for Aboriginal people wishing to start  small businesses.


Business Partnership Fund

This fund allows ALPA to develop partnerships with Yolŋu families to start businesses where ALPA will own equity in the business. It is always possible for the family to increase their equity by slowly acquiring ALPA’s stake in the business. The benefits are that ALPA can provide capital and expertise to assist the family to start an enterprise and build it up while they learn.


Previous Programs

(Looking after our youth - Choice Community Education)

Concern for the younger generation has lead to the establishment of a community education program to promote long-term, positive life-style changes.

In March 2002, the ALPA Board of Directors discussed the issue of increasing substance abuse and youth suicide in remote communities. The Board of Directors believed urgent action was required but also believed a short term solution was not the answer.

The Board resolved to support and form an alliance with Choice Community Education to work towards long-term positive change to ultimately ensure and maintain a better quality of life for all people in the communities. Choice’s unique approach to individual community problems; of ensuring the community has ownership of the program and therefore the change, and addressing the underlying causes of substance abuse and youth suicide; creates sustainable positive change in the communities.

The Board committed financial support to the Choice Program, and in 2002 and 2003 ran valuable community programs. The goal of both ALPA and Choice was to have sufficient support to run the program over a new four-year term, expanding it to include many remote communities, not just communities where ALPA stores are located. However, more support from local government and corporate organisations is needed for this worthwhile program to continue.