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Board of Directors

ALPA members are represented by a Board of Directors. Each community has two representatives on the Board.

These two representatives are:

  • A traditional landowner’s representative
  • The community representative (generally nominated by the local store committee)

Board Members are confirmed at Annual General Meetings.

Our current Board Members are:

Rev. Dr. Djiniyini Gondarra OAM

David Djalangi

Chairman (Since 1993)

Community Liaison Officer and Staff Cultural Mentor (Galiwin’ku)

Minjilang: (Croker Island)

Marcus Fletcher

William Noinba

Ronnie Waraludj

Community Member Representative


Traditional Landowner’s Representative

Galiwin'ku: (Elcho Island)


Joan Djamalaka

Jessie Roy

Jackie Djawut

Community Member Representative

Traditional Landowner’s Representative

Board Facilitator


Gapuwiyak: (Lake Evella)

Mickey Wunungmurra

Edna Garrawurra

Jason Butjala

Community Member Representative & Deputy Chairman

Traditional Landowner’s Representative

Associate Director


Keith Lapulung

Lily Roy

Community Member Representative

Traditional Landowner’s Representative


Rose Gurralpa

Fay Matjarra Garrawurra

Community Member Representative

Community Member Representative

Board Meetings

Most Board Meetings are held in Arnhemland. At each Board meeting, ALPA engages an independent interpreter to assist in the explanation of financial matters, policy, legal requirements, matters of organisational structure and issues relating to governance. The approach uses relevant language and concepts from traditional Aboriginal economic and legal parallels.

The interpreter is there to promote 2-way understanding between Directors and Management.

ALPA has developed a unique method to give a visual hands on and readily understood explanation of profit and loss statements and budget planning sessions. This methodology, or 'money story,' is in demand at a number of other external Aboriginal client organisations.

Similar activities to those conducted at the Board meeting are provided at a local level in each community in between, and in preparation for, each quarterly Board meeting; the participants being store workers and members of the ALPA store committee in each locality.