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Stores & Locations

Store Names Location  
Alawa Community Store Hodgson Downs, NT Consultancy Store
Ajurumu Store Goulburn Island, NT Consultancy Store
Galiwin’ku Elcho Island, Arnhemland NT Member community
Gapuwiyak Lake Evella, Arnhemland NT Member community
Kalkaringi Service Station Kalkaringi, NT Consultancy Store
Malandari Store Borroloola, NT Consultancy Store
Mikbamurra Umbakumba, Groote Eylandt, NT Consultancy Store
Milingimbi Arnhemland NT Member community
Minjilang Croker Island, NT Member community
Pirlangimpi Store Melville Island Consultancy Store
Ramingining Arnhemland NT Member community
Robinson River Store Robinson River, NT Consultancy Store
Gunbalunya Store Oenpelli NT Consultancy Store 
Kalkaringi Club Kalkaringi, NT  Consultancy Store
Nganmarriyanga Nganmarriyanga  Consultancy Store
Numbulwar Numbulwar   Consultancy Store


(Used in this website)
AADS             Aboriginal Advisory and Development Services Inc
AGM Annual General Meeting
ALPA The Arnhemland Progress Association Inc
ARC Australian Retail Consultants (ALPA’s consultancy service)
ARDS Aboriginal Resource and Development Services Inc
ATSIC Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission
BRACS Broadcasting in Remote Aboriginal Communities Scheme
CDEP Community Development Employment Projects
CEDAR The Arnhemland Civic and Economic Development Council Inc
DEET Department of Employment, Education and Training
MOM Methodist Overseas Mission Commission
NAC  New Apprenticeships Centre
OAM Order of Australia Medal
OH&S Occupational Health and Safety
RTO Registered Training Organisation
TCU Traditional Credit Union
TEABBA  Top End Aboriginal Bush Broadcasting Association
YBE Yirrkala Business Enterprises

Words/Terms Explanation

ŋ The letter ŋ is pronounced like ‘ng’ in the English word ‘singer’
Balanda non-Indigenous people
Homelands/ Outstation Some Yolŋu choose to return totheir traditional homelands, rather than live in larger communities. Outstations commonly consist of small family groups or clans.
Yolŋu   Indigenous people of East Arnhemland