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Store Committees

Each of the member community stores has its own committee. Being a Store Committee member is a voluntary position.

The committee’s role is to support the store managers, Yolŋu supervisors and store workers in resolving local issues that arise in relation to the store. The Committee is also a conduit for feedback from the community in regards to store matters such as range or trading hours.

The store committee is responsible for managing the Molu Rrupiya Gungayunamirr (Special purpose money for the people) or Community Benefit Funds allocated to their community by the Board of Directors based on store performance. The use of these funds raises important issues of governance and the need to comply with taxation laws and the rules of the Corporation, including the Store Committee Guidelines. 

Use of Community Benefit Funds have included: 

  • Traditional ceremonies
  • Funerals
  • Education assistance
  • Community projects
  • Sporting groups
  • Community festivals
  • Musical equipment
  • Medical assistance
  • Youth programs