Dinybulu Regional Services

Dinybulu Regional Services started in 2014 after the Bulungkunum Corporation Limited and ALPA acquired the former Ramingining Resource Centre with a vision to further develop and deliver community services in the area.

The role of an ARO is to inspect critical areas of the airfield to ensure runways, taxiways, aircraft movement areas and airport infrastructure is safe for use. Through this position, we have developed local Yolngu people with ARO accreditation through CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority).

The role of an ARO:

  • Daily inspection of airstrip.
  • Daily inspection of the external fencing.
  • Daily pre-start checks of essential equipment.
  • Checking operation of runway lights daily.
  • The maintenance of vegetation control both internal and external.
  • Attending Medivac call-outs to start the generator for the runway lighting.