“It’s like I’m walking from this destiny to that other horizon up there – planting the seed of hope.”

Milingimbi’s Keith Lapulung joined the ALPA Board of Directors as a community member representative in 2007. He has a long and strong presence in his community. Keith is the Community Liaison Officer with the Arnhem Land Regional Council, the Chair of the Board for Manapan Furniture, Chair of the School Council and School Committee; and an outstanding musician with the famous Wirrinyga Band. The band formed in 1979 and his musical career really picked up in the 1980s: it has been 40-odd years and they’re still playing!

Mr Lapulung first saw ALPA as a vehicle for Yolŋu to thrive within their own communities and says, “To me, it’s like ALPA is like a strong pillar that holds everything together. Governance is the highlight – the Board of ALPA Directors are the core driving force that really encourages and makes the right decisions; that’s how it’s always been.".