Business leader and executive Kyle Nacard joined the ALPA team as General Manager of Enterprise and Economic Development. Mr. Nacard has a proven track record in increasing revenues and business growth for multi-million-dollar companies in Australia and abroad.  

His reputation for implementing effective operational systems, transformational change, and growth will assist our subsidiary businesses Rulku Enterprises, Dinybulu Regional Services, Manapan Furniture, and Bukmak Constructions.

Mr. Nacard has also mentored small to medium-sized Aboriginal Enterprises and says ALPA’s motto of ‘unity through enterprise’ is what attracted him to the role.

 “Everyone is enthusiastic, positive, and driven. I want to understand the current projects at ALPA and how they are progressing to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal people. I want to explore opportunities with Yolŋu and to help realise their business aspirations on their lands.”

He also says that his focus is to be a key driver and influencer for creating responsible and enduring commercial enterprises that benefit Yolŋu and their communities across East Arnhem Land.

“Innovation is a vital part of any successful business and for me, that starts with culture. Using a grass-roots approach, I will help provide an environment where everyone is given the freedom and responsibility to share ideas and to break new ground.”

 ALPA CEO Alastair King says Mr. Nacard has the right ingredients to take our subsidiary businesses to the next level, and to develop new opportunities to further Indigenous economic independence in our communities.

 “Kyle is very passionate about leading teams and growing businesses. He has negotiated at all stakeholder levels including Boards of Directors, executive teams, Governments, and the public service, all the while focusing on making sure his teams are being developed and taken on the journey.

 ALPA and our Board of Directors welcome Mr. Nacard to the team and we look forward to seeing positive outcomes from his innovative approach to enterprise development that will benefit our corporation and region.