Honouring the late Dr Bush Blanasi

The Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation (ALPA) and its Board of Directors regret to hear the passing of the late Dr Bush-Blanasi. Remembered as a leading land rights activist and advocate for Aboriginal rights, the proud Mayili and Yolŋu man was an ally to ALPA and its communities across Arnhem Land. ALPA Chairperson, Mr. Micky Wunungmurra, says our Yolŋu community members are grateful for his shared vision and passion to create equality and a better economic future across Arnhem Land.

 “This is sad news of my beloved brother and his passing. This is a big loss for our Yolŋu families and extended relatives. We grieve for both his mother and fathers side.

 We acknowledge his strong leadership as Chairperson for the Northern Land Council and his unwavering dedication to Aboriginal people and plight for equality through all platforms that he led. He will be missed, and his legacy will live through the many positive changes he has created for our communities.

 -       ALPA Chairperson Micky Wunungmurra and Board of Directors