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Ramingining is a vibrant aboriginal community, and is the area in which the films Ten Canoes and Charlies Country were filmed with Rolf De Heer and David Gulpilil. The community has a strong arts culture, with an active arts centre, and also hosts the yearly Bakbididi music festival. There are approximately 800 people living on the community, with 10 main clan groups and 7 surrounding homeland communities.

Ramingining is located in north-east Arnhem Land, west of the Glyde River, 445km from Darwin by air or 559km by road in the dry season by four wheel drive. An alternative route via the Central Arnhem Rd is 818km in length, but allows access to the community 11 months of the year.

Ramingining Contact History

In the 1880s the MacCartney family started Florida cattle station on the Goyder River. There were constant clashes with Aborigines and the station was abandoned in 1893.

In 1903 the Eastern, African and Cold Store Company acquired a 50,000 sq km lease covering all ‘vegetable, animal and mineral’ rights to Arnhemland. With Captain Joe Bradshaw using his steamer, White Star, and five thousand head of cattle being driven overland from stations on the Roper River, the Arafura cattle station was established on land around the Glyde and Goyder Rivers. Chinese cultivated cotton, maize and vegetables on the floodplains and on Maroonga Island. Within five years the venture failed; the cattle roamed and were speared, and the Europeans left, but not before organised reprisals of shooting and poisonings.

Chronic water shortages at Yurrwi especially in 1962, lead to the conversion of Ngangalala from an outstation to a community. (Ngangalala was the original landing site on the Glyde River for the Arafura cattle venture. On aviation maps it is still marked as White Star landing.) It took nine years for the mission to be granted a lease on the area despite desperate water shortages on Yurrwi.


By late 1971, 200 people had moved to Ramingining. By then Murwangi Pastoral Association had been registered as an Aboriginal organisation but had yet to gain funding. Murwangi, located south of Ramingining on the lower reaches of the Goyder, has had a difficult history but still operates as a cattle station.

Ramingining is now the major community and Ngangalala is now a sizable homeland community, 8 km to the north east of Ramingining.


Ramingining RSAS Program
The Ramingining Remote School Attendance Strategy team is funded by the Australian Government department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to help kids get to school in the mornings and increase school attendance. Providing employment for local people, the Ramingining RSAS program has been one of the most successful in the country at increasing school attendance, through working with families within the community.
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ALPA Ramingining Store
ALPA is the only supermarket on the community, delivering a wide range of food and products, as well as contributing to many local initiatives and local events, giving back to the community through an established benevolent program. ALPA is also one of the main employers of the community, providing real jobs for a dedicated workforce of Yolngu people. 90% of the workers at the ALPA Ramingining store are Yolngu and the store has been successful at delivering training to staff to ensure they have the appropriate qualifications needed for their work. There is also a small takeaway store run out of the ALPA store. All freight for the ALPA store is barged to the community on a weekly service. The barge landing is located on the north coast 30 km from the community.Ramingining ALPA Store Contact
PMB 176, Winnellie NT 0822
Ph: 08 8979 7921
Fax: 08 8979 7913
Email: ramingining@alpa.asn.au
Dinybulu-Logo-2000x2000-transparentDinybulu Regional Services
Dinybulu Regional services run by ALPA provide a range of services to the Ramingining and surrounding homelands area. This includes a mechanical workshop training indigenous staff, a small accomodation lodge, hire of equipment and labour for trades services as well as homelands maintenance services. The organisation has a strong focus on indigenous employment and training for sustainable development.
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ALPA CDP Ramingining
The ALPA Community Development Program at Ramingining is funded by the Australian Government department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to deliver training and employment placement services for local job seekers. Our innovative approach recognised as one of the leaders in Australia has included trades training in partnership with Swinburne University, as well as media training and literacy training through the Ready For Djama (Work) program developed by ALPA.
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East Arnhem Regional Council
Local Government for area
Ramingining School
Local School
Bulabula Arts
Local Arts Centre
Dinybulu Lodge
Accommodation booking
12 canoes
Interactive multimedia site about Ramingining


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Regional Support Office

70 O'Sullivan Circuit
East Arm NT 0828
GPO Box 3825
Darwin NT 0801

Ph: 08 8944 6444
Fax: 08 8944 6400
Email: darwin.office@alpa.asn.au

Venue Hire


(Hooker Creek)

Store & Workshop

PMB 93 Lajamanu via Katherine NT 0852
Ph: 8975 0896                Fax: (08)8975 0613
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Kalkaringi Service Station

Warnkurr Sports & Social Club

PMB 177, Katherine NT 0852
Ph: 8975 0788                 Fax: 8975 0855
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Nganmarriyanga Community Store

PMB 217, Winnellie NT 0822
Ph: 8978 2379                 Fax: 8978 1295

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(Daly River)

Nauiyu Store & Workshop

PMB 28, Daly River  NT  0822
Phone: 89782474            Fax: 89782863
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(Garden Point) Melville Island

Pirlangimpi Store
Pirlangimpi Sport and Social Club

LMB 280, Winnellie NT 0822
Ph: 8978 3868                 Fax: 8978 3936
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(Croker Island)

Majila Store (ALPA Member Store)

PMB 178, Winnellie  NT  0822
Ph: 8979 0266             Fax: 8979 0514
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(Goulburn Island)

Ajurumu Self Service Store

PMB 173, Winnellie NT 0822
Ph: 8979 0233               Fax: 8979 0252
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Adjumarllarl Store

PMB 284, Winnellie   NT   0822
Ph: 8979 0161               Fax: 8979 0137
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(Alawa, Hodgson Downs)

Warliburru Store

Ph: 8975 9894                   Fax: 8975 9894
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Yurrwi Store (ALPA Member Store)
RSAS (Remote School Attendance Strategy)
Rulku Enterprises
Bukmak Constructions
Manapan Furniture

Store Contact:
PMB 177, Winnellie NT 0822
Ph: 8987 9901            Fax: 8987 9981


Ramingining Store (ALPA Member Store)
Dinybulu Regional Services
RSAS (Remote School Attendance Strategy)
Dinybulu Workshop & Accomodation
ALPA Express Ramingining (ALPA Member Store)

Store Contact:
PMB 176, Winnellie NT 0822
Ph: 8979 7921              Fax: 8979 7913

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Galiwin’ku Store (ALPA Member Store)
Buthan Store (ALPA Member Store)
Remote School Attendance Strategy
Bukmak Constructions

Galiwin'ku Store Contact:
PMB 175, Winnellie  NT  0822
Ph: 8987 9036            Fax: 8987 9066
Buthan store contact: Ph: 8944 5940
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Gapuwiyak Store (ALPA Member Store)
RSAS (Remote School Attendance Strategy)
Bukmak Constructions

Store Contact:
PMB 1050, Winnellie NT 0822
Ph: 8987 9107            Fax: 8987 9181
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Numburindi Store

Store Contact:
PMB 71, via Darwin NT 0822
Ph: 8975 4083
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(Groote Eyelandt)

Mikbamurra Store

Store Contact:
Ph: 8987 6792                 Fax: 8987 6713
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Malandari Store

Store Contact:
PMB 178, Borroloola NT 0854
Ph: 8975 8775                 Fax: 8975 8723
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Robinson River

Robinson River Store

Store Contact:
PMB 204, Katherine NT 0852
Ph: 8975 9792   Fax: 8975 9792
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Aurukun Supermarket
Island & Cape Store

Store Contact:
Kang Kang Road Aurukun, Qld 4871
Phone: 07 40606012
Fax: 07 40606107

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Napranum Supermarket
Island & Cape Store

Store Contact:
Lot 320 Wa-Tyne ST Napranum QLD 4874
PO Box 848, WEIPA  QLD  4874
Phone: 07 4069 7805
Fax: 07 4069 7806
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(Mulgrave Island)
Badu Island Supermarket
Island & Cape Store

Store Contact:
Mairu Street Badu Island, Qld 4875
Phone: 07 40694847
Fax: 07 40900444
More info about Badu

Horn Island

Horn Island Supermarket
Island & Cape store

Store Contact:
2-6 Airport Road Horn Island, Qld 4875
Phone: 07 40692448
Fax: 07 40692298
More info about Horn Island

Hope Vale

Hopevale Supermarket
Island & Cape Store

Island & Cape Office:
Street address: 3/7 ANDERSON STREET MANUNDA  QLD  4870
Postal address: PO BOX 69 Westcourt QLD 4870
Ph 07 40357100
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Yarrabah Service Station

Island & Cape store

4 Range Road Yarrabah, Qld 4871
Phone: 07 40569188
Fax: 07 40569199
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Island & Cape

Regional Support Centre

Street address: 3/7 Anderson St Manunda  QLD  4870
Postal address: PO BOX 69 Westcourt QLD 4870
Ph 07 40357100
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Umagico Store

Island & Cape Store

Store Contact Details

2 Mara St Umagico

PH: 07 4069 3273

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