Benevolent Activities

Benevolent programs

For the communities in which it operates, ALPA has given back to the community since its inception. Being owned by the members of the Galiwin’ku, Gapuwiyak, Milingimbi, Minjilang and Ramingining communities we contribute significantly back into these communities for the benefite of our members living there. How we distribute our benevolent funds is determined by local store committees, as well as at the discretion of our Board of Directors, made up of indigenous representatives from our member communities.

Being owned by indigenous communities, our vision is directed towards generational change, so that our members will benefit from our business for generations to come. This is reflected in how we give back to the community, building for sustainable growth well into the future.


The Education Fund assists students that wish to further their education away from the community, as opportunities may not exist at home. The fund is primarily to assist with the costs of secondary and tertiary education, excluding travel.

Amongst those supported through this program, ALPA has been assisting the Marrma Rom Foundation in Geelong, Victoria. They are working to support boarding students from Arnhem land to attend St. Ignatius College in Geelong. View the video on the left for more information about this program.

Business Partnership Fund

This fund allows ALPA to develop partnerships with Yolŋu families to start businesses where ALPA will own equity in the business. It is always possible for the family to increase their equity by slowly acquiring ALPA’s stake in the business. The benefits are that ALPA can provide capital and expertise to assist the family to start an enterprise and build it up while they learn.

An example of this support is the Rulku Lodge business at Milingimbi, which has been very successful at providing accommodation, as well as labour hire for the community.


Small Business Mentoring

This program provides funds for the Arnhem Human Enterprise Development (AHED) program which is a pilot program run by Why Warriors Pty Ltd to mentor provide support and mentoring to Yolŋu wanting to start small business enterprises. The program is currently only operating in Galiwin’ku. ALPA also provides Business mentoring to other member communities in the form of assistance to develop business plans for Aboriginal people wishing to start small businesses.

Amongst the initiatives the AHED project is developing is a project called Hope4Health aimed at creating a healing retreat in Arnhem land run by Yolngu people, to build capacity and incorporate traditional knowledge with the best that modern nutrition has to offer.

Cultural and community events

We provide funds to support the rich culture of our indigenous communities, through assisting with provision of food and other needs at funerals and initiation ceremonies. These traditional ceremonies are vital to maintain the indigenous culture of song (manikay) and dance (bungul). We also provide major sponsorship for other local events such as community festivals and sporting events.

Indigenous Leadership Development

We make a significant contribution to indigenous leadership development through support of the Yolngu Nations Assembly. This organisation supports local traditional leaders, and facilitates engagement with the NT government and Australian government on matters of law, as well as local community development.


Credit Advisory Program

This program is to provide guidance and advice to members who wish to make a major credit purchase such as a motor vehicle. This is in the form of a 60 point mechanical and safety check, carried out by an independent, qualified mechanic. If a member wishes to enter into a loan contract, ALPA appoints a competent interpreter to explain the loan contract to the member in their own language, ensuring they understand their obligations under the terms of the loan.

Medical Escort

Often Aboriginal people are required to travel interstate for specialist medical assessment and/or treatment.

This fund provides for travel and accommodation assistance for a family member to act as an escort or interpreter offering moral support for patients that are nervous about travel, and frightened about what lays ahead.