Community Businesses

ALPA sees the development of businesses on indigenous communities as a priority, in order to build for the future on the communities where we operate. We are challenging ourselves to move into new areas and industries  in our endeavour to create pathways for more real jobs for our Yolŋu members.

Providing training for skills development of staff in partnership with key stakeholders, we are building sustainable businesses that will be able to stand on their own two feet well into the future. Breaking the cycle of dependancy on indigenous communities through business development and job creation, ALPA is working for the future.


Dinybulu Regional services provide a range of services to the Ramingining and surrounding homelands area. This includes a mechanical workshop training indigenous staff, a small accomodation lodge, hire of equipment and labour for trades services as well as homelands maintenance services. The organisation has a strong focus on indigenous employment and training for sustainable development. More Info



Rulku Lodge is a joint venture between ALPA and local families at Yurrwi, providing accommodation to visitors to the community. Rulku also offers labour hire services in areas such as concreting, maintenance, gardening painting, cleaning and general labouring using a local yolngu workforce. More Info



Manapan Furniture
Manapan Logo

Manapan Furniture based on Yurrwi have created a  range of high end furniture designed by Melbourne architects for export to capital cities and overseas. Manapan furniture’s  aims are to create sustainable employment, empower community involvement and create a community sense of pride. Manapan have also  produced a range of products to sell on the local community, including drawers, cupboards, TV tables, picnic tables, beds and coffins. A purpose built manufacturing workshop was built in 2016, expanding the businesses capacity for production. Manapan furniture has been developed in partnership with RAMVEK and ALPA CDP, and is owned by ALPA. Manapan is a yolngu matha word meaning Join Together. More Info

Bukmak Constructions offers building and construction services to remote indigenous communities with our team and our team made up of people from local indigenous communities. Bukmak offer quality building services  and we are supported by our joinery, concrete services, and metal fabrication workshops. Our aim is to help create employment and a more sustainable future for local communities. More Info

Bukmak Constructions

Starting a community business
If you are wanting to start a business on your community and need help. There are a number of ways we can support you through our benevolent program or sponsorship.
Contact Us to find out more.