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Welcome to Alpa

The Arnhemland Progress Aboriginal Corporation, established in 1972, is an Aboriginal-owned benevolent organisation which provides benefits to its members from the successful operation of community retail stores.

We have five member stores in Arnhemland, and manage eleven other businesses on contract across the remote Top End.

Since 1972 Yolŋu (Indigenous people from North-East Arnhemland) and Balanda (non-indigenous people) have been working together at ALPA. We are one of the largest financially independent Indigenous employers in Australia, and one of the larger retailers in the Northern Territory.

Our stores seek to offer customers a choice of quality fresh foods and an extensive range of merchandise in a modern, comfortable shopping environment. Maintaining this quality service is a costly and demanding task. It is undertaken without subsidy and with limited infrastructure in the most isolated regions of Australia.

By Henry Harper

Mission Statement

Our mission is to conduct an efficient retail business emphasizing customer service, nutrition, staff development, training and education.

We strive to enhance the social and economic development of our members, giving primacy to their cultural heritage, dignity and desire of equality with their fellow Australians.


ALPA Resolution

"We are Yolŋu and we recognise the law that has existed since time immemorial over our land and people.

We will continue, as Directors, and through our Clan nations to seek recognition of our customary law and a harmony of laws in Australia which allows for order, good governance and peace for our people"

Resolution ALPA Board of Directors,
12th of September 2007


Chairman Message

"We are a Yolŋu business organisation and proud of our achievements.

We are part of the wider Australian society and business community and in this we break down discrimination, false images and operate in a spirit of reconciliation"

Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra, OAM -
ALPA Chairman