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The Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation, or ALPA, was established in 1972 as a co-operative of community stores in Arnhem Land.  Today ALPA operates in over 25 remote locations across the NT and Queensland. With a vision of “unity through enterprise” ALPA  now contributes to the development of local economies and indigenous business where they operate. Activities include: accommodation and hospitality in partnership with local families, training and employment services through the RJCP program, mechanical workshops and homelands service delivery.


ALPA’s goal is to provide quality services with a commitment to local employment and training and has approximately 750 Indigenous staff across the group. We aim to enhance social and economic development wherever we operate, while continuing to embrace our cultural heritage.


ALPA is governed by an Aboriginal Board of Directors made up of representatives from its member communities, embracing the highest standards of corporate governance.The Board governs the corporations’ vision, direction, policy, goals and objectives.


ALPA is financially independent and is not reliant on external funding or subsidies. ALPA self-funds business development to increase employment and improve services to the community.


ALPA is a benevolent corporation, funds are returned to the community in accordance with ALPA’s constitution to benefit its member communities. ALPA provides a diverse range of financial assistance for health and nutrition programs, ceremonies, education, medical escorts and community events.

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Tropical Cyclone Lam and Nathan  severely impacted the communities of Galiwin'ku, Ramingining, Milingimbi as well as remote homelands in north-east Arnhem Land. On Galiwin'ku, up to three hundred people were without housing.

ALPA launched the "Hands Up For Arnhem Land," appeal to assist these communities to recover.  We have received over $45,000 in donated goods services and money, with an additional $8000 in online donations. With this money we have sent out five shipping containers worth of bedding and household goods, with another ten containers still to be shipped. There is still a long way to go in getting these communities back to normal, and ALPA is working hard on these communities and homelands to cleanup and repair following this disaster.

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Mission Statement

 “Our mission is to operate successful and responsible businesses emphasising local employment, training, career pathways, customer service and safety.

We strive to improve the health, quality of life, and economic development of our members, giving primacy to their cultural heritage, dignity, and desire for opportunity and equality with their fellow Australians”

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ALPA Resolution

"We are Yolŋu and we recognise the law that has existed since time immemorial over our land and people.

We will continue, as Directors, and through our Clan nations to seek recognition of our customary law and a harmony of laws in Australia which allows for order, good governance and peace for our people"

Resolution ALPA Board of Directors,
12th of September 2007

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Chairman Message

"We are a Yolŋu business organisation and proud of our achievements.

We are part of the wider Australian society and business community and in this we break down discrimination, false images and operate in a spirit of reconciliation"

Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra, OAM -
ALPA Chairman

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