The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) reporting is conducted annually and is designed to help employers remove barriers to the full and equal participation of women in the workforce, promote, amongst employers, the elimination of discrimination based on gender about employment matters (including about family and caring responsibilities).

The Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation continues to deliver positive results and approach to building our diverse and inclusive workplace, as evidenced in our WGEA reports. Our core values of Purpose, Outcomes, Communication, Respect and Integrity are embedded in our daily work and provide a solid foundation for ALPA to address any outstanding matters regarding equality in our workplace.

 Our commitment to fair and equal pay

As part of our recruitment and retention strategy and policy, ensuring our employees with similar skills, knowledge, qualifications, experience, and performance receive pay parity for equivalent or similar roles is inherently tied to our dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion.

We maintain our commitment to removing any disparities in pay that may be related to gender or other unjustifiable distinctions.

Our WGEA Results | Executive Summary

·         For ALPA WGEA Report Results 01 April 22 – 31 March 23

·         For ALPA WGEA Subsidiaries Results O1 April 22 – 31 March 23



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