Dinybulu Regional Services

Dinybulu Regional Services started in 2014 after the Bulungkunum Corporation Limited and ALPA acquired the former Ramingining Resource Centre with a vision to further develop and deliver community services in the area.

About Dinybulu

  • Meet the Directors

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  • Why We Exist

    Not just a business; it's a vision realized, community nurtured, and a promise kept. Our existence is rooted in shared ambitions of growth and independence for the Ramingining community and surrounds. Read more

Dinybulu Services

  • Dinybulu Lodge Accommodation

    Click here to book your stay at Dinybulu Lodge, Ramingining. Read more

  • Dinybulu Homelands Services

    Dinybulu Regional Services is proud to be the contracted service provider for home maintenance and repairs in select surrounding Ramingining Homelands. Read more

  • Dinybulu Mechanical Workshop

    The Dinybulu Mechanical workshop is Ramingining's only automotive repairs and maintenance provider. Read more