Our mission is to provide ALPA’s members with the means to determine how our organisation operates within their community.

The Community Engagement team was created in 2018 after the ALPA Board sought to create additional pathways to seek feedback and input from the community, as well as to support the Board’s cultural regeneration and access to justice work.

One of the first tasks was to conduct a clan mapping and further build relationships with clan leaders from our 5 member communities. This has led to stronger input, engagement, and community ownership of ALPA community service programs.

We aim to create a space for community members to create united decisions for the future.

The team provides project management assistance for Milingimbi’s Gattjirk Festival, Ramingining’s Bak’bididi festival, in addition to recent film making projects with NAAJA.

The team also provides mentoring and cross-cultural communication training for new staff, as well as governance, monitoring and evaluation, grant writing, and program design assistance to ALPA’s services and partners.