Community members from Gapuwiyak, Galiwin’ku, Milingimbi and Ramingining are able to propose activities and projects for young people. These proposals are then assessed by local ‘Leadership Groups’. These groups of community leaders direct which projects and activities should be trialled in their communities to strengthen young people. The Leadership Groups manage a pool of funding to support the right activities, run in the right way aligning with a locally developed strategy. Through careful monitoring and evaluation of these activities, we work with the Leadership Groups to monitor what has and hasn't worked to strengthen youth, and how to adapt for next time.

ALPA, together with the local communities continue to advocate for this local strategy to become the guiding document for local youth engagement. The key to this program is to show that local Yolngu people are best placed to make meaningful and informed decisions for their young people; consequently proving that local decision making and governance is the best course of action for remote communities.

We are continually encouraged to see our community members and leaders taking ownership of this program and we look forward to seeing many projects taking place in the near future all with the goal to prepare young Yolngu to thrive as they grow up into our future leaders.