Unity Through Enterprise

ALPA is built on Yolngu and Balanda working together and we acknowledge our collective effort and commitment to ‘Making a Difference Every Day’ in our communities and to the lives of our members.

Everything ALPA does is focused on training, developing skills, creating jobs, and developing sustainable businesses for Yolngu to build an economy in our communities and our region.

Our goal is to reduce welfare dependency and enhance the quality of life of our members. We also contribute to this through our benevolent programs and sponsorship of local events and activities which are funded by ALPA through our successful commercial activities.

As the largest Independent Aboriginal Corporation in Australia, ALPA leads the way in Remote Retailing, Community Service Program Delivery, Enterprise, and Economic Development and Corporate Services. By generating surplus through economic independence we are able to invest in benevolent funds for our Yolngu communities.

Generating change through economic ventures

  • Remote Retail Store Ownership and management.
  • Managing stores on behalf of other Corporations.
  • Enterprise Business ownership in Construction, Labour Hire Services, Accommodation Lodges, Furniture Making and Corporate Services.


Our Organisational Chart

The organisation's structural chart, shown below, is only a brief overview of the current governance and management structure of our four divisions. Our full organisation is large and complex, with more than 1100 employees.