Dinybulu Regional Services

Dinybulu Regional Services started in 2014 after the Bulungkunum Corporation Limited and ALPA acquired the former Ramingining Resource Centre with a vision to further develop and deliver community services in the area.

The Dinybulu Story

Dinybulu Regional Services is not just a business; it's a vision realized, community nurtured, and a promise kept. Our existence is rooted in shared ambitions of growth and independence for the Ramingining community and surrounds. 

Dinybulu Regional Services started in 2014 after the Bulungkunum Corporation Limited and ALPA acquired the former Ramingining Resource Centre. This acquisition marked the start of a journey that aims to further develop and deliver community services in the area, where prosperous community outcomes can be realised. The business offers a range of essential services for the Ramingining community and surrounds, positively contributing to employment, training and new industry pathways in the area. 


Services available with Dinybulu Regional Services                                                                                                 


Discover comfort and convenience at Dinybulu Lodge, located in the heart of Ramingining's trade precinct.The lodge offers 18 cozy lodge-style rooms to suit your needs, complete with private ensuites and kitchenettes. With the choice of indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, fully equipped kitchens and available laundries, visiting Ramingining is made easy. Dinybulu Lodge strives to ensure all visitors are made to feel comfortable on their travels, with a vibrant team of local staff who are always happy to lend a helping hand. Ready to book your stay in Ramingining? To learn more and book, follow the 'Accommodation' tab in the navigation bar above.                                                           

Mechanic Workshop

While remote area mechanics can be hard to find, Ramingining boasts the Dinybulu Mechanic Workshop - the one stop shop for mechanical repairs and maintenance on vehicles and small plant equipment. Whether you're a service provider in the area looking for a repair or a local in need of maintenance, Dinybulu Workshop has you covered. We respond to 24-hour call outs and provide services to AAANT (Automobile Association of the Northern Territory) and associated service providers. Dinybulu Regional Services continues to operate as a community led business that champions local employment and training, and offers onsite learning to locals looking to upskill or enter mechanical trades. Want to book in a service or learn more? Check out the 'Mechanical Workshop' tab on the navigation bar.                                                                


Homelands Servicing

Dinybulu Regional Services is proud to be the contracted service provider for home maintenance and repairs in select surrounding Ramingining Homelands. For those who live out from Ramingining on their Traditional Lands known as Garanydjirr, Yathalamarra, Wulkabimirri, Ngangalala and Galawdjapin, Dinybulu Regional services provides ongoing house servicing. From repairing windows, to replacing equipment, collecting rubbish or landscaping gardens, the dedicated homelands team does it all. To learn more, click on 'Other Services' on the navigation bar above.



Aerordrome Reporting

Dinybulu Regional Services is the chosen and trusted Ramingining Aerodrome Reporting Officer (ARO), responsible for the safety and efficiently of operations on the Ramingining airfield. The role of an ARO is to inspect critical areas of the airfield to ensure runways, taxiways, aircraft movement areas and airport infrastructure is safe for use. Dinybulu Regional Services has developed local Yolngu people with ARO accreditation through CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority). Want to see the ARO work in action? Go to the 'Other Services' button in our navigation bar.


Labour Hire

Finding the right talent for your project or business can be tough. At Dinybulu Regional Services, we simplify the process by providing local skilled and reliable labour solutions for various industries. We offer a range of labour solutions that can be tailored to your business and project needs. Find out more under the 'Other Services' tab on our navigation bar.