Rulku Enterprises

Rulku means 'family' in Yolngu Matha from the Milingimbi community in East Arnhem Land. Rulku Enterprises is a local, family owned business on Milingimbi Island that provides accommodation and labour hire services.

History and Governance 

Rulku Enterprises is a business partnership between the Rulku Family Trust and ALPA. This business is governed by an elected Board of Directors who have a strong connection to the Milingimbi community with each Director providing valuable business direction and strategic input.

The Inaugural meeting of Rulku Enterprises Pty Ltd took place on the 30th September 2013, present were; David Djalangi and Keith Lapulung. Beginning 100% ownership by ALPA, the Rulku Family Trust following the establishment of Rulku Enterprises, purchased 10% worth of shares and increased this to 25% ownership in 2023.

Our Board of Directors

Chairperson Matjarra (Fay) Garrawurra  


Director David Djalangi 

Director Lily Roy

Director George Milaypuma - representing Rulku Family

Director Richard Barakal - representing Rulku Family