Dinybulu Regional Services

Dinybulu Regional Services started in 2014 after the Bulungkunum Corporation Limited and ALPA acquired the former Ramingining Resource Centre with a vision to further develop and deliver community services in the area.

History and Governance 

Dinybulu Regional Services is a 100% Aboriginal owned business, and is a partnership between Bulungkunum Corporation Limited and ALPA. The Inaugural meeting of Dinybulu Regional Services took place on the 4th April 2014 present were; Rose W, Micky W, Richard, Henry H, with 100% ownership with ALPA, the Bulungkunum Corporation Limited following the establishment of Dinybulu Regional Service purchased 20% worth of shares in 2017.

At the helm of Dinybulu Regional Services is an elected Board of Directors who govern the business with a unique vision and strong connection to the Ramingining community. Each Director provides valuable business direction and strategic input, guiding Dinybulu's path in supporting the Ramingining community through meaningful employment, training and economic outcomes. 

Our Board of Directors 

Chairperson Matjarra (Fay) Garrawurra 


Director David Djalangi 

Director Cara Gilarr Gurralpa

Director Alastair King