Bukmak Constructions

Bukmak means 'everybody' in Yolngu Matha and it's our vision to build a sustainable, financially viable and successful construction business for our people.

Dedication to Excellence: Our Commitment

We commit to adopting the best industry practices to consistently achieve our targets, timelines and deliver within budget. Our mission is underpinned by a profound commitment to generating local employment opportunities and fostering skills development among our team members in Arnhem Land. Through our ongoing endeavours, we aspire to enable economic self-sufficiency and retained skills within our communities.

Creating a Bright Future: Nurturing Skills and Knowledge

Our vision extends beyond construction; we aim to create an environment where Yolngu team members with aspirations to advance their trade skills and education can flourish. This is facilitated through well-structured supervisor/mentoring employment program, nurturing a cultural tradition of passing on valuable trade skills from senior mentors to younger generations. The final outcome being  a self-reliant community, capable of servicing the diverse construction and ongoing maintenance needs.