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Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra

Djiniyini Gondarra

Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra OAM, was born in Yurrwi, eastern Arnhem Land in 1945. He was educated at Yurrwi Mission School and pursued his theological education as a youth leader and Sunday School teacher through the Methodist Church, before attending college in Brisbane. In 1969 he trained as a Minister in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands under the Uniting Church, before returning to Arnhem Land to minister his own people at the Galiwinku Parish, firstly as a lay pastor (1971-1972) and then as a Minister from 1976-1982.

In 1983-84, Rev Djiniyini worked as a Lecturer in Theology at Nungalinya College, Darwin. He was honoured with a Diploma of Theology (Honorary) from there in 1984, and in 1991 received a Cultural Doctorate in Literature (Honorary) from the World University, Roundtable, Arizona USA. Rev Djiniyini was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in 1995. As well as being the Chairman of ALPA since 1993, Rev Djiniyini is currently the Director of Duduy’ngu Pty Ltd, which provides consultancy and cross-cultural services. He is also Director of Yirrkala Business Enterprises. Over the years, Rev Djiniyini has served on many committees and councils including: Member of the Steering Committee of the Australian Indigenous Cultural Network (1998-2001), CEO of Aboriginal Resource and Development Services Inc (1998-2001), CEO of the Northern Regional Council of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (1998-2001), Director of Reconciliation Australia Limited (2000-2001), Member of Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation (1998-2000), Chairman of Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (1995-2000 & 1990-1993), Member of Central Committee of the World Council of Churches (1991-1994), Moderator of Northern Synod, Uniting Church in Australia (1985-1987), Secretary of newly formed Aboriginal Presbytery, Northern Synod, Uniting Church in Australia (1985), and Vice-President of Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress Uniting Church in Australia (1983-1987).

Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra OAM has also been extensively published, and his works include:

  • Information Papers (co authored), Aboriginal Resource and Development Services:
  • Confusion Between Cultures (1998)
  • Mgayamirr – A System of Government (1998) Native Title – The Basis of Land Ownership (1998)
  • The Madayin – A Complete System of Law (1998)
  • Yolngu Law and Euthanasia (1996)
  • Its Not a Curse But a Proclamation  (1995)
  • Galka Djama Sorcery & Its Increasing Use (1993)
  • Political Structures of Government (1993)

Alastair King
(CEO of ALPA & Island and Cape/Deputy Chairman of Island and Cape)


Alastair King worked for Coles Supermarkets for 11 years before moving to Milingimbi in Arnhem Land to manage the store for ALPA in the mid 1990s. He managed a Facilities Management Company in the goldfields of Western Australia in the late 1990s, before moving back to the Top End in 1999 to take up the role of Business Development Manager with ALPA.

He was appointed Group Operations Manager in 2000 and General Manager in 2001. Alastair served as CEO of Outback Stores for a caretaker period from August 2009 – August 2010.

Alastair also served as a member of the Northern Territory Consumer Affairs Council in 2005 and 2006, and has served on the Indigenous Advisory Board of Transfield Services Pty Ltd since 2006.

Alastair is currently the CEO of The Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation and has been since 2001 and the CEO of Island and Cape Retail Enterprises. He is also the Deputy Chairman of the Island & Cape’s Board and it’s on several other boards such as Dinybulu, Rulku, and Transfield boards. Alastair is a  Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and President of Rotary Darwin North.

Kim Nona
(Island and Cape General Manager Operations)


Kim started her retail career in 1995 for an independent Foodland in South Australia, where she was employed for over 10 years. Joining ALPA in 2006 as a store manager, she successfully managed Gapuwiyak, Beagle Bay and Kalkaringi remote stores for 3 years.

She continued her career with ALPA as a Darwin based Operations and Business Development  Manager, and Operations/Merchandising manager until  being appointed General Manager Operations of Island & Cape Retail Enterprises in February 2014.

Kim is also a member of the Island & Cape board.

Dereck Walpo
(Mayor of Aurukun current),


Dereck has had a wide and varied career including working on Groote Eylandt for 2 years with GEMCO, ASC road crews in the early 80’s, Kowanyama Council, community police officer, and council purchasing officer.

In 1990 he moved back to Aurukun and worked as an Environmental Health Officer through TPHU (Tropical Public Health Unit)which is based in Cairns.

In the late 90’s he trained as a health worker and by 2002 he was upgraded as a senior health worker. By mid 2002 he took part time team leaders role on Mornington Island hospital for health workers.

Returning to Aurukun in late 2003 he drove trucks for Rio Tinto before resuming his previous job at the clinic for 2 years. After a 6 month mentor’s role with Remote Building Solutions, he was elected the Mayor of Aurukun.

Richard Bowie
Director on Island & Cape Board.


  • Richard Bowie is a Director from Badu Island on our I&C Board
  • He has been on the Board since 21/09/2016.

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