Issue 50 October/ November 2021

  • Bukmak Constructions working across the Northern Territory

  • Yolngu Historical Photographic Exhibition Underway

  • ALPA Higher Education Hub helping Yolŋu Teachers reach their goals.



Issue 49 September/ October 2021

  • Bukmak Constructions welcomes two new Board Members
  • Store of the year winners announced.
  • ALPA to the rescue with Aurukun water supply





Issue 48 July/ August 2021

  • ALPA leading the way at the AMSANT Food Submit 
  • Dream comes true for Starshua at our Dinybulu Workshop
  • Zoe Malibirr Completes Work Experience with ALPA.   









 Issue 47 May/ June 2021

  • $300k Worth of Whitegoods Gifted to Our Member Communities
  • East Arnhem Land Youth Model will run for 2-years (Guŋga’yunga Djamarrkuḻiny (Helping our Children)
  • Badu Island Store celebrates 20-year milestones. 







Issue 46 March/ April 2021

  • Evonne Durrunga Helps Young Families Through RSAS
  • ALPA's Commitment to our communities and members has never been stronger.- CEO, Alastair King
  • Dinybulu Team is Cleaning Up Alright










Issue 45 February 2021

  • Record-Breaking Sales for Island & Cape
  • Lyons Architects Help Bukmak Constructions Design Remote Housing Plans
  • Yolngu Leadership Push For Better Work Attendance