Dinybulu Regional Services to improve housing for residents of Nangalala Homeland in Arnhem Land

Release Date: Tuesday March 12, 2022



Works are underway on 10 houses in the remote East Arnhem Land Homeland of Nangalala located 560 Kilometres East of Darwin.

 The refurbishments and upgrades are being delivered by Dinybulu Regional Services after being awarded $3.5 million dollar grant under the Northern Territory Government’s Homelands Housing and Infrastructure Program.

 The funding is part of the Northern Territory Government’s and Commonwealth’s $100 million dollar commitment to the Restoring Funding for Homelands Program focusing on remote outstation housing in the Territory.

 Dinybulu Regional Services is a 100% Yolŋu owned partnership business between Bulungkunum Corporation and The Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation (ALPA).

 The major focus areas on the upgrades and refurbishments are to include safe water and power supply, sewage, structural upgrades, plumbing and septic systems, grounds maintenance, sanitation, and hygiene.

 9 Healthy Living Practices were tabled in consultation with residents and Traditional Owners to facilitate a better and safer quality of life as well as improving overall home maintenance and conditions.

 Healthy Practices include; Personal hygiene, washing clothes and bedding, removing waste safely, improving nutrition through the ability to cook, store and prepare food, reducing overcrowding, reduce the impact of vermin, animals and insects, controlling the temperature of living environment and reducing hazards that cause trauma.

Dinybulu Chairperson Fay Matjarra Garrawurra says this Homelands Funding is not only creating local Yolŋu jobs but improving the quality of life for our residents who still live in Nangalala.

 Dinybulu Regional Services Chairperson, Fay Matjarra Garrawurra says this project is not only improving the lives of our relatives at Nangalala Homland through better housing conditions, but it is creating further employment and work for our Dinybulu workers out bush.”

 “I hope that this Homelands Funding Program by the Government, can be rolled out to other Homeland communities in across Arnhem Land. Nangalala community was there before Ramingining and we must keep these homelands in shape for the families living there.”

Approximately 50 residents will benefit from the current Nangalala works program. Residents will be temporarily located in nearby Ramingining community while upgrades and maintenance on their homes take place. Secure storage for belongings has also been provided as part of the works.

 Dinybulu Regional Services says the project is scheduled for completion in October 2024.

  Download the full 2023- 2025 Homelands Program Guidelines here

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