Over the past four weeks, the ALPA Nutrition Team has held four Good Food People Workshops. The aim of these workshops is to develop a training course for Yolngu store team members in-store nutrition. The store's nutrition includes; completing the monthly nutrition policy checklist, promoting healthy foods in the store, ensuring that the takeaway is providing healthy options and ensuring that fruit and vegetables are well displayed and are high quality. Workshops were held in Milingimbi, Galiwin’ku and Ramingining.

Workshop participants included Janita Spratt, Ganygulpa Dhurrkay, Priscilla Gamalanga, Machealine Richards, Sophie Dhugururru and Florence Marraykama from Milingimbi, Lucy Atjula, Jennifer Wunungmurra, Gina Laminyara Bukulatjpi, Meredith Garawurra, Darryl Dhamarrandji, Adrian Garawirrtja and Cameron Bukulatjpifrom Galiwin’ku and Matjarra Garrawurra and Shirley from Ramingining.

Each workshop group provided invaluable insights into how to train someone best in-store about nutrition. This included what knowledge the Good Food Person should hold, what responsibilities their role should include, how they can be best supported and how to know whether they are doing a good job.

The information collected from these workshops will be collated to determine the best way to structure and deliver the Good Food People training course. The course will then be developed with the appropriate resources and training tools for the to-be students.