Since the 1980’s the ALPA Board of Directors has had a strong focus on health and nutrition within the retail environment. The health and nutrition strategy is set around making sure food is affordable, accessible, supports customers to make healthy choices and increases customer awareness of health and nutrition.

Good Food Strong Bodies is an in-store health promotion project that aims to positively influence customer purchasing behaviour. The health promotional material includes 30 different messages that focus on encouraging fruit and vegetable intake and discouraging the consumption of sugar, including table sugar, sugary drinks and confectionary. The project will run for a total of 6 months in each store with the messages rotating every 2 months.

The health promotional material is currently up in stores in Galiwin’ku and the roll out for Milingimbi and Gapuwiyak is scheduled for November. 

Our Community Nutritionist based in Galiwin’ku is working alongside the Miwatj Public Health team (pictured to the right) to deliver education and upskill organisations within each of the 5 ALPA member communities (Galiwin’ku, Milingimbi, Gapuwiyak, Ramingining and Minjilang).

ALPA Nutritionists are also starting the process of upskilling Public Health Nutritionists employed by health organisations who service communities with ALPA stores to roll out the Good Food Strong Bodies project to more communities.

Good Food Strong Bodies is important message for our remote communities and for all Australians.