The Good Food Strong Bodies in-store health promotion project has now been up in stores for 5 months. During this period our Community Nutritionist, Sarah Funston based in Galiwin’ku has delivered 55 educations to 665 people across the three communities of Galiwin’ku, Milingimbi and Gapuwiyak.

The educations are focused on the messages that are displayed in-store and are all about increasing fruit and vegetables and reducing sugar consumption. A major focus has been on table sugar as this contributes to 40% of customers sugar intake followed by soft drink and other sugar sweetened beverages.

Education sessions have been held in store with the purpose to speak to customers as they come in to do their shopping. This has been an extremely effective way to spread the message as community stores are often the hub of a community with people coming to the store multiple times a day.

Education sessions have also been held with external stakeholders including the Rangers, Families as First Teachers (FaFT), schools, Sport and Rec, Miwatj, Aged Care, Anglicare, Yalu, Community Development Programs (CDP) and Bukmak Construction. Reaching multiple stakeholders allows the messages to be heard by multiple people within community extending the reach of the Good Food Strong Bodies health promotion project and making the posters seen in the store more meaningful to customers.