Ramingining takeaway has seen a great improvement in healthy sales over the past few months. The store team have had consistency with new store managers and a takeaway supervisor. We have seen a 50% improvement in healthy food sales through the takeaway between January and March and healthy sales have been above 70% in March and April!

Whole roast chicken sales have increased with the team selling 300 in March. There have also been improvements in sales of healthy hot breakfast packs, fresh sandwiches, salads, chicken kebabs and sweet potatoes. A new bain-marie has helped to display all the healthy options to customers.

Tracking our healthy takeaway sales in stores is an important part of an ALPA Nutritionists' role. Tracking sales and providing store managers and store teams with a monthly takeaway report allows teams to see their progress over time and practical advice on improving healthy sales. Since the implementation of these reports over three years ago, there has been a significant increase in healthy food sales through our takeaways. Teams are proud of their efforts and are always striving to get their healthier takeaway sales higher and higher! 

We can’t wait to see what more the Ramingining and all our teams can do!