March 5th 2024

The passing of the late Mr. M. Wunungmurra, Chairperson of ALPA


It is with deep sorrow that the Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation (ALPA) announces the sudden passing of our beloved Chairperson, Mr. M. Wunungmurra, last week. We have received permission from his family to now share this news.

Mr. M. Wunungmurra was a respected leader of Gapuwiyak, dedicated to advancing the interests of Aboriginal communities across East Arnhem Land. His passion, vision, and unwavering commitment to our people's well-being was inspirational.

Under his short leadership as Chairperson elected in 2023 and prior as Deputy Chairperson elected in 2001, ALPA achieved significant milestones, empowering our communities, and fostering economic development across Arnhem Land. His legacy will forever remain in our hearts and minds as we continue the important work he started.

Mr. M. Wunungmurra is survived by his wife Linda, children, and grandchildren. At this time, we ask for the media to respect his family's privacy as arrangements are made. Due to cultural reasons, we kindly request that Mr. M. Wunungmurra be referred to by his initials until the family advises otherwise. Also, please refrain from using any imagery or visions of him until permission is approved. We will communicate this in the future upon his family's wishes.

In consultation with his family, we will provide further updates regarding his funeral arrangements and any other relevant information in due course.

Mr. M. Wunungmurra's strong commitment to our communities and region will continue to guide us as we strive to honour his memory and build on his legacy. Our ALPA Board of Directors and ALPA team send our deep condolences to his family and the wider community, we know his leadership, commitment and great humour touched many.


Short biography of Mr M.Wunungmurra

Mr. M Wunungmurra, a Yolŋu man and Senior Leader of the Wunungmurra Clan Nation in Northeast Arnhem Land has a diverse background rooted in his cultural heritage. 

Raised and educated in Numbulwar and Galiwin’ku, he later moved to Gapuwiyak in the early 1970s. Initially trained as a mechanic, he worked in the power station before transitioning to a role as Acting Clerk in the Council, where he served for 5 years.

In the mid-1980s, Mr M. Wunungmurra relocated to Sydney for a few years, working in an Indigenous Arts Organisation. He returned to Gapuwiyak in 1989 and became an adult literacy & numeracy teacher at the local school. Mr M. Wunungmurra played pivotal roles in various organisations, serving as the founding Chairman of the Traditional Credit Union since its establishment in 1995 and holding the position of Chairperson of the Uniting Church’s Northern Synod.

His involvement with the ALPA Board began in 2000 when he joined as a non-executive Director. He later became Deputy Chair of the Board in 2001 before being elected as Chairperson in 2023.

Additionally, Mr M.Wunungmurra served as the Chairperson of ALPA’s Bukmak Constructions, Rulku Enterprises, and Dinybulu Regional Services. His dedication lay in ensuring the strength and sustainability of ALPA’s businesses and creating meaningful employment opportunities for the local community. He actively collaborated with management, representing the Board in crucial stakeholder meetings.

Mr M.Wunungmurra is married to Linda Guyula and is a proud parent of 10 adult children and 13 grandchildren.