"The thing that I am most proud about is ALPA becoming the largest Indigenous Corporation in Australia because we never set out to do that, it just happened organically as we grew and diversified."

Giving up the city life and working for big supermarket chains in Western Australia, Alastair King and his wife Lina sought a remote adventure and began working for ALPA as Store Managers in Milingimbi in 1994. At the time, Alastair didn’t realise that this adventure would become his biggest career move, spanning more than two decades and counting.

Since becoming CEO in 2001, he has been an integral part of developing ALPA as a small retail business and ALPA becoming the largest Independent Aboriginal Corporation in the country. Alastair is a proven leader and is known for his integrity and vision to deliver positive outcomes for Yolŋu communities under the direction of ALPA's Board of Directors.

Alastair was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 2018 for his service to the Indigenous Community in the Northern Territory, “I am proud of ALPA becoming a financially stable corporation and to be able to help improve life outcomes for our Yolŋu communities”.

Alastair is also a Fellow of The Australian Institute of Company Directors and uses this position to develop a wider range of strategic business skills for ALPA's core business.