John Quill started at ALPA in 1997 as a store manager, then his career journey, experiences and opportunities have been endless.

Across his career at ALPA John has been Operations Manager, Merchandise Manager and was even ALPA’s first Nutritionist, which saw him infamously dress up as the Vege Man. The opportunity to move into an Area Manager role in stores came up and that’s where John has been ever since.

John has experienced so many changes over the years and he is most proud of seeing and being a part of the growth of ALPA.

“When I first started in 1997, my first pay was 3 days late and the payroll manager said to be patient as we have a few cash flow issues, fast forward to today and we have over 1300 on the payroll, it’s been great to be a part of ALPA and see it grow”

“The best part about working at ALPA is despite how much we have grown, there is still a great family atmosphere, everyone takes their job seriously but we always have a laugh and I think that’s so important”