In August 2020, we introduce you to Karina Wunungmurra ( we are thrilled to share with you that Karina is still with us and continues to support her community.

Here is what Karina had to say about her time so far with ALPA.

My favourite part of this job is working so closely with people that have just gone into work, it is part of our Post Placement Support that we help people with training, clothing, and other things when they start a new job.

When I started my first goal was to work with our CDP Participants to make sure that they have their ID up to date, when I was doing this task I could see that ALPA CDP is really making a difference and helping our community members. 

These days I am working on my computer skills so that I can help people with their appointments, my favourite part of this job is working in such a strong CDP team, sometimes this is a hard job but we are all working together. We get support from the people in the Darwin office. 

ALPA is a good company to work for because they understand most of the issues that our community members have, ALPA is good at helping us work Yolŋu to Yolŋu.

We are proud to be able to work with people just like Karina and cannot wait to share more of her stories over the years to come.