The Kulture Keepers Activity embraces the cultural duties and tasks that many community members have to enact on a daily basis.
During this activity, the men are able to come in and make cultural items such as Woomeras, clap sticks, spears and Yidaki with modern tools that make it easier to produce these items in a safe environment they also assist with building funeral shelters for upcoming funerals. The men that take part in this activity also discuss cultural events and issues for the benefit of their clans and community.
Recently the Kulture Keepers have been focusing on making Yidaki, also known as the Didgeridoo, so they are able to use them for the funerals and memorial services that have been taking place in Ramingining lately. In the mornings you can hear the men testing out their new items and it is a very special feeling.
"As a team, we are very happy that we are able to support these men carry out these tasks" Emily King- Site Manager