Story by Norman Daymarringu

"I have enjoyed getting to learn more deeply about how ALPA runs, who ALPA supports (lots of different programs) and how decisions are made"

"From the outside ALPA can look really big, but once you get to know how all the different groups work together it makes a lot of sense."

"Each different group (business department) has its own strong management, and how the departments work together, is a little bit like our Yolngu hierarchy."

"This year I have been focusing on the Community Advisory Committee, these groups of community leaders meet with ALPA management and provide feedback (sometimes good, sometimes straight talk)"

"Over the next year I will be working with the community doing our Clan Mapping, this will help ALPA and all the djamamirr (workers) understand who are the leaders with authority to talk about different areas."

We thank Norman for his hard work over the year and we look forward to seeing how his hard work will continue to support ALPA members across Arnhem Land.