"We strive to improve the health, quality of life and economic development of our community members... and desire for opportunity and equality for fellow Australians" - ALPA Mission Statement. 
We would like to introduce you to Dion Wunungmurra
from our CDP team. Dion has worked for ALPA for more than 12 months and is based in his home community of Gapuyiwak (Lake Evella). He recently told us, 'I enjoy working with ALPA, as ALPA is one of the biggest employers in his community. They (ALPA) make a big effort for the community every day.' 
With CDP staff recently being promoted internally, there was a vacancy role of Senior Employment Consultant. 
Dion says CDP is a complex program. There are lots of different activities and programs.
"Each day we get lots of community members (my family) coming to make sure that their Centrelink money is coming. Being able to clearly explain to them their money story and how ALPA and CDP can support individuals and the whole community that's my favourite part of this job."
We welcome Dion into his new position, and we have no doubt this emerging leader will continue to support his community members for many years to come.