Published April 26 2022

ALPA is delighted to announce that the East Arnhem Land Youth Model or Gungga’yunga Djamarrkuliny has secured funding for another five years. The Model involves a clan-led approach to youth development in the region. In early April, Member for Arnhem Selena Uibo and Member for Casuarina Lauren Moss visited the EALYM Leadership Groups in Milingimbi and Gapuwiyak.

The Ministers were able to see local decision-making firsthand by partaking in Leadership Group meetings and discussing the strengths and challenges of family-based projects.

"This 5 years will really make things better for the future of my community" - Jane Miyatatawuy, Gungga’yunga Djamarrkuliny, Activity Coordinator.

This trip, in combination with many months of advocacy, has culminated in the extension of funding for a further five years.

This is a very exciting result and we look forward to supporting further local decision-making under the Model.