Laura Baddeley and Sarah Funston from the ALPA Nutrition team attended the Food Governance Conference held at the University of Sydney in February 2024.

The conference brought together lawyers, policymakers, nutritionists, and health scientists to explore how law, policy, and regulation can help address food system challenges at the local, national, regional, and global levels.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, the Food Governance Conference aimed to share topical ideas, advocacy and research that moves the dial on food governance issues facing Australia and beyond. The conference had a focus on, the promotion of healthier diets via food policy and governance, Indigenous Peoples food system governance, equity and social justice in food systems, food security, and sustainability, and commercial determinants of health. The conference also aims to create new opportunities for collaborations that promote access to healthy and sustainable food for all.

Laura and Sarah presented on the how the ALPA Board and Independent Store Boards (managed on behalf of ALPA) are advocating to the Northern Territory Government for stronger regulations to create healthier remote stores across the Northern Territory. The advocacy has been supported by the Coalition for Healthy Remote Stores. Khia De Silva, ALPA Nutrition Manager, has been integral in the Coalition which brings together Aboriginal leaders, Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations, Public Health researchers and other advocacy organisations, including Diabetes Australia, Food for Health Alliance and the Heart Foundation, who are all are asking for regulation on how unhealthy food and drinks are sold in remote stores.

It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase this important piece of work, highlighting the strength of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community leaders who are calling on the NT Government to assist in creating more supportive retail environments.