As news unfolds across the globe regarding the Corona Virus or Covid-19 pandemic, The Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation (ALPA)  remains  committed  to  delivering food & essentials to our remote communities. The ALPA Disaster Management Committee (ADMC) and the ALPA Merchandise  Team  is meeting  regularly to ensure food security is not jeopardised during this global health emergency.

ALPA CEO, Alastair King, has applauded our Retail Team members for ensuring supply of essential products in our stores remain consistent.

"Our Merchandise Team are in daily contact with our suppliers to ensure product needs are secured, potential product shortages are also identified, and alternative products are being sourced for our customers."

"Our stores are well stocked at this time of year despite the global pandemic due to annual routine wet season stock preparations. This has provided extra food security for our customers."

"We are very pleased that our remote customers are not 'panic buying' which has also allowed us to maintain stocks".

ALPA General Manager Retail, Michael Dykes has also guaranteed customers that ALPA will not increase product prices during these tough times. We have no choice however, than to pass on wholesale increases incurred by us.

"The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission should be enforcing stronger penalties for suppliers and producers who are opportunistic in increasing product pricing during a global health emergency."

"We are not in the business of price gouging and will be avoiding suppliers that are trying to take advantage of this situation by increasing prices. In fact, we are working hard to ease the hardship by reducing pricing on over 60 key product lines such as sugar, powdered milk, and flour across the stores. We are pleased to introduce these new low prices to customers as of April 1."