Our Community Nutritionist attended the Gapuwiyak Women’s Camp 2022 run by Growing Up Strong Kids (GUSK) program, part of the East Arnhem Regional Council (EARC). Below is Sarah’s reflection of the camp..

I spent two days on the Gapuwiyak Women’s Camp at Yalakun Homelands, about an hour’s drive from Gapuwiyak. The camp focused on health and wellbeing but mostly it was an opportunity for women to be out on country and enjoy each other’s company.

Many stakeholders in Gapuwiyak came together to make the camp a success including the Culture and Art Centre, Miwatj Health, GoŋDäl, East Arnhem Regional Council and ALPA Nutrition and ALPA Community Development Program. 

Activities on the camp included a highly successful Fashion Parade, food däwu (story), manymak balanda ŋatha däwu (good food in the store) and a hunting trip.

More than anything this was a learning experience for me in Yolŋu culture and foods. I learnt how to look for and collect mud mussels and was able to try them, very delicious! I also learnt some new dance moves.

Image to the right: Minay Wunungmurra and Sarah eating mud mussels