The Luku-dalkum rom (passing on culture) school holiday program in Ramingining involved mentoring local Yolngu youth by senior Yolngu artists. Youth and Elders came together to share food, tell stories and create cultural artworks. This included painting totem animals, creating stories, making rarrk brushes, learning to paint rarrk (cross hatching) and also special Dupun (hollow log) sessions were included.

This school holiday program saw as many as 20 young people participating daily, who created and embraced the content and arts creation.

At the conclusion of this program, Bula’Bula arts held a party for the community to attend and to see all the artworks – the young people loved showing their families their artwork and what they’ve been up to these school holidays.

Bula’Bula arts said, “this was a very successful project – we had good attendance, terrific artwork outcomes, strong leadership, and lots of happy faces”.