Kath Boyne is an experienced community service worker who has made a difference in remote communities with ALPA since 2014.

Kath's early work with ALPA saw her working on the submission of the CDEP tender for ALPA to deliver employment services programs in Milingimbi and Ramingining. She has since gone on to help train staff, manage CDP sites, and lead community engagement projects.

One of Kath's first significant achievements was opening the Milingimbi Office, then training the Ramingining office to sign up 400 job seekers in just two months. This marked ALPA's first foray into community service delivery and set a high bar for future endeavours. Over the years, Kath has continued to work closely with ALPA staff, mentoring and supporting them in their roles.

One of her most memorable projects was conducting a community needs analysis research project across the five ALPA member communities. Working with Yolngu members, Kath helped develop a report to the government on the community's needs and the support government should offer. Kath's experience in community engagement has given her valuable insights into the ALPA philosophy, which emphasizes the importance of working closely with Yolngu leadership and advocating on their behalf.

She enjoys collaborating with other ALPA departments to provide full business support and add value to the remote teams. "ALPA is a corporate business that seeks to balance the needs of the Yolngu, Balanda, and business worlds for mutual benefit."

Kath's contributions have been crucial in achieving this balance and ensuring that ALPA continues to provide excellent service to the remote communities of Arnhem Land. We are lucky to have Kath as part of the Community Engagement team and look forward to seeing what projects she will work on in the near future.