The Gapuwiyak (Lake Evella) RSAS teams have recently teamed up with Miwatj Health MECSH: NT Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home to deliver a community cooking competition "Manymak Ŋatha (Good Food)" under the "Growing Up Strong Kids" program (Anglicare & EARC)

The Gapuwiyak RSAS site Coordinator, says "it was an excellent opportunity to work collaboratively with these programs and stakeholders. Interest built slowly, but results were a big crowd excited to watch the competition unfold and taste the final dishes."

The Growing Up Strong kids family cooking competition was a great success. We are looking forward to seeing what incentives the RSAS team continues to develop in 2022 to increase school attendance and build stronger families.

The RSAS team has recently been working on fortifying their relationships with community stakeholders, students and parents of the Gapuwiyak School. The cooking competition also served as an excellent opportunity for the RSAS team to talk to these family leaders in a relaxed environment while encouraging healthy lifestyle habits.