Since 2014, Peter and Heather have worked their way around Australia. From Caravan Parks across QLD  and Tourist resorts in Lake Arye and The Kimberley’s,WA to Short order cooks at Gibbs River Road Roadhouse, the ex plumber and pool lifeguard have found a home in Retail at ALPA. Since joining the Relief Management Team in 2019, these adventurous travellers have worked in an amazing nine communities before finding their place at Ajurumu, South Goulburn Island.

Hard pressed to name a favourite, Lajamanu and Minjilang, Crocker Island hold fond memories with the three East Arnhem ALPA stores creating the most interesting stories for Peter to recount.

Not short of a chat, Heather recalls many times of team laughter at Pete’s antics or the genuine community care when searching for an elder at Urapunga. Both speak fondly of each community, some tinged with sadness but always with sincerity and a heartfelt understanding of community living and the challenges of choosing this retail adventure.

Peter and Heather say ‘ALPA offers a rewarding, fulfilling and an amazing opportunity to make a difference, every day.