Jason has been working on and off with ALPA for more than 5 years.
He was originally a Remote School Attendance Officer in Milingimbi then Ramingining. Jason has recently returned to the ALPA family working as a storeman at the Milingimbi ALPA Store.

Jason has become a very valuable team member with the store team his reliability and great work ethic are a real asset to the team as well as the whole community. "sometimes if there is not enough staff at the store the shop has to close early, this isn't fair for the old people who rely on the store for their food"

Jason added "it makes me proud to work for ALPA because we are not just another business in the community. ALPA supports our community and our culture with the Community Care Program"

Jason and his family had recently been the custodians of a close family funeral at a nearby outstation. The family sought after ALPAs support to assist the funeral with body repatriations and food to cater for the singers.

ALP is proud to assist our valued team members during times of need.