Etitera moved to Croker Island in 2018 from Brisbane and has a large nuclear and extended family in Brisbane and the Solomon Islands.  Etitera began working for ALPA at the Minjilang Store on Croker Island in 2021. 

Her first tasks at the store were customer service at the checkouts and restocking the store.  After mastering these jobs Etitera then showed interest in the kitchen and takeaway.  Preparing breakfasts, lunches and dinners were soon added as one of the areas she was excelling at.  Minjilang store has always had a nutritional program so the food Etitera was learning to make was both nutritional and fresh.

Quickly it was becoming clear that Etitera had her sights set on bigger things.  Her next challenge was taking on some of the ordering and office duties.  Etitera took on the fresh fruit and vegetable orders, cutting, wrapping and restocking.  In the office, Etitera learnt how to complete banking, ATMs, reconciliations and safe counts.

Etitera was promoted to store supervisor and took on more responsibility, working alongside the manager to run an efficient store and continued to learn more about the support office and ALPA’s role in community benevolent programs.  Enrolling in and completing her Cert II and Cert III in Retail with help from ALPA’s accredited trainers.

Everyone who has worked with Etitera over the years is very excited to hear of her interest in pursuing a career in Management with ALPA.  Etitera is now joining the Relief Management Team and will be travelling to many different communities to run the stores while the store managers take a break.  Etitera loves living and working in community stores and wants to build her career to give back to the community.