There has been a lot of excitement in Ramingining recently as the store had a new fruit and veg fridge installed that has dramatically increased the space dedicated to fruit and veg!

This is a huge win for the community and the store as it means that the store can have much more produce on display and therefore increase fruit and veg sales.

Store manager Brad said, “He sold 18 watermelons in 2 days and said they were selling faster than they could be cut up and put out”.

ALPA Store Nutritionists are able to track fruit and veg sales in detail and from previous experience, we know that the addition of this fridge will have a huge impact on sales and therefore on the overall health of the community.

Have a look at the before (bottom right), during (middle right), and after (top right) photos to see what a huge improvement this fridge has on the fruit and veg display.