In June, The ALPA Nutrition team collaborated with the Miwatj Public Health Team to deliver nutrition education sessions around Ramingining. The education sessions focussed on diabetes type 2, table sugar and fruit and vegetables. These education sessions were organised after the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) of Ramingining and the community were asked what they would like to see done to reduce table sugar consumption in their community.

Table sugar is often missed in education delivery and health promotions when talking about sugar as the focus generally tends to be on soft drinks. However, table sugar is often added to tea, making the tea a sugary drink. 

The nutrition education sessions were held at Bula Bula Park, Sport and Rec, Melberim Park and CDP. They were open to all members of the community and more than 50 people attended the sessions held over three days. Fresh fruit and vegetables were provided while interactive games were played to engage participants. The community were enthusiastic to learn more about food and how what we eat connects to our overall health.

In the next Community Advisory Committee meeting, it will be asked how these education sessions were received by the community and how they can be improved. Based on this feedback, ALPA will continue to collaborate with Miwatj to deliver more education that is suited to the community. The same concept will be presented to the Community Advisory Committee in Milingimbi and Gapuwiyak so that leaders in these communities can advise on how they would like nutrition education delivered in their communities.